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revealit Corporation

  • Changing the face of digital advertising. revealit uses its patented artificial intelligence engine to automate the mining visual media content (eg: online streaming video) for advertising revenue opportunities.

  • On identifying an object (eg: sunglasses, kitchen-aid, fridge, iPhone or flowers etc) as an advertising opportunity it further embeds a hidden tag on it.

  • That hidden tag is made available to potential advertisers and/or agencies via its online sales. revealit then presents these identified advertising opportunities (eg: sunglasses, kitchen-aid, fridge, iPhone or flowers) via its, opt-in, (i.e. pop up on request only) end-user friendly, social media ready interactive platform.

  • In its rollout, revealit believes it can re-write the digital advertising framework for the benefit of all industry participants - Essentially a new world model for digital advertising.