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EverLifeAI Pte. Ltd.

  • EverLife.AI is a Singapore based (AI + Blockchain) project that aims to create an immutable AI Replica Avatar of each person on the blockchain that lives and earns forever on the EverLife.AI network.

  • This 60 second video will give you a quick overview of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2DrqxT5M2c&t=5s

  • Light Paper: https://everlife.ai/assets/Everlife.AI_OverView.pdf

  • White Paper: https://everlife.ai/assets/EverLifeAI_Whitepaper.pdf

  • EverLife just launched their Alpha in June and has over 50,000 Avatars live on the network at the moment. The first job is live on the network as well, and Avatars can enroll to do the task and earn in EVER tokens. ​

  • EverLife is currently in the invite only Private Sale phase. The pre-sale and public sale happens in Oct-Nov.