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Briars Funds Management Pty Ltd

We are pleased to offer Investors the opportunity to invest in the Briars Monthly Income Fund. The main features of this Fund are as follows:

  • 8% per annum paid monthly.
  • Spread of risk through a pool of mortgages secured against a range of house & land packages, townhouses & small boutique unit blocks located throughout metropolitan areas of Australia.
  • Investors capital is further protected by the “Briars Capital Safeguard” which is explained further in the IM and is unique to this particular Fund.
  • Withdrawal options are available after 12 months from the date of your initial investment.
  • Our loans are only available to Owner Occupiers & Investors that have a very good credit history, underpinned by stable long term incomes, and to Borrowers who are purchasing properties in areas that have good capital growth potential.

In October 2019, the RBA released further data for residential default rates and even during the peak of the GFC defaults were sub 2% nationally. Based on these statistics, the Briars Capital Safeguard, provides Investors with a multiple of 5 times coverage against a potential default. This factor is further mitigated by our internal lending policy.